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Earlier today, my mother noticed a small bird on my windowsill. When we looked and opened the window, it didn’t fly away, so it was obviously either injured or unable to fly for some reason. I went out, and brought it inside. Turns out it’s a morning dove baby, and it probably flew into a window and is in shock. After asking around to as many bird folks as I could find, just to be sure, I was advised to put it in a box, with a little towel in it for softness and warmth, give it water, and let it rest. Hopefully it will be better by morning and I can release it outside.

(Note… I am not a wildlife rehabber. If the bird was younger or able to fly there would have been no reason to take it, as the parents would have come and got it. However, with this little fellow, it was clearly in shock, and would have been snatched up by some of the local predators. I know what to do when it comes to injured wildlife, because it’s my passion, but it is in no way something I am trained to do. Make sure you check your local laws, AND with your local rehabbers if you are in this sort of situation! And NEVER handle wildlife with your bare hands. if you have to, wash your hands THOROUGHLY before AND after. You don’t want to transmit anything to it, and you don’t want it to transmit anything to you or your pets!)

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bolto Asked:


i s2g if we had a dollar for every time some asshat is like “THIS AUSSIE ANIMAL IS CALLED ________ HOW INCREDIBLE” and starts a chain of people being like WOW!!!!!!! when really its like?? what??????????


And many of them are in serious danger from so many things, like habitat loss, invasive species like cane toads and cats, overcollection from centuries past that STILL affects them, and so on. It’s a continent full of unique life forms that has such a unique ecology that maybe, just maybe, we could educate and conservate instead of laughing about silly named animals, and potentially spreading misinformation?


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for the AnimalBytes cartoon!  It’s my first patreon so be patient!!! I’m excited to start this project!

Guys help my friend with her AWESOME idea ok! :D 

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My Phenix and stateofbalance's Vitaliy, watching a horror movie together. Cuties <3

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So I know the bird people of Tumblr have a census post that makes the rounds; maybe the reptile people of Tumblr can, too? Reblog if you like reptiles and like to talk about them on the internet! I’m curious to see how deep this tortoise burrow goes.

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Expect more photos of this cutie little booty once she settles in! :) She’s a little Avicularia species, maybe 4”, that I fell in love with at the pet store. I’ve been wanting to keep arboreals again for a while now, and she’s no P. irminia, but Avics are so sweet I couldn’t NOT bring her home. stateofbalance decided her name should be Cuticles, “Cutie” for short. :) 

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jonsnowknowsnothin’s SUPER SHINY HOENN GIVEAWAY!!

to celebrate the upcoming release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, all these generation 3 pokemon are up for grabs!
for starters, there will be SEVENTEEN WINNERS! each of these winners will get THREE pokemon each!! (first place will choose first, second place choosing second and so on)
and that is just to start of with.. for every 500 notes this post gets I will add another winner and another three pokemon! (Upto 2500 notes!)
  • only reblogs count as entries! likes don’t count. (you can reblog as much as you like, but please don’t spam your followers!) you can like it to remind you to reblog later, or so you know you have reblogged it! (it just wont be an entry)
  • you do not need to follow me to win! (but if you do i will give you an extra entry as a thankyou!)
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if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to send me an ask, I am happy to answer!!


wow 500 notes have passed while I was sleeping! and as promised, ANOTHER WINNER and THREE MORE POKEMON have been added!

another 500 notes and another winner! these pokemon have been added!

wow! time for another winner, and another full set of shiny starters up for grabs!

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Watch the video of this Japanese salamander

flygex-eatin-on-softies !!!!!!!!!!

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Sketch for my next Illu… stateofbalance's mermaid Ione (in her human form), with her boyfriend, my merman Aloiis. He's giving her an anenome. She's not a clown fish, but she can still put it on her house to keep out intruders! :D 

They’re going to be relaxing in a reef … I’ve been obsessing about getting a reef tank in the near future, so I want any excuse to depict some corals and reef fish.

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Oops I drew Haru