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Some proper photos of Noodle (corn) and Marceline (mexican black king), now that they’ve settled in. They’re so cute, you guys! Very cute, clever, curious and sweet! Planning on switching out the newspaper for carefresh once the quarantine period is over… I just like being able to easily see any issues. Though, they do have little carefresh buckets for digging around in right now. :D 

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I have to share photos of my new corn snake. She’s a female creamsicle. She hasn’t got a name yet though my mom’s taken to calling her “kool-aid”. 

I also received a mexican black king snake, buuuut…. unfortunately she’s still really defensive and freaked out from the trip, and very hard to take photos of one handed, so I’m not gonna bother her anymore for now, give her (them both) a week to settle in. I’ve named the kingsnake Marceline! She is pure black…. simply GORGEOUS. I actually fell in love with MBKs a few years ago when I met a pair in the pet store that were dropped off by some ignorant fool who didn’t like how “aggressive” they were (kingsnakes have a high food response buddy…). I can’t wait till marcie grows up and gets that crazy king snake girth! 

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Cooked Snakes and the People Who Should Never Own Them



Uuuuuggggghhh.Story *cough*rant*cough* time peeps.

I was at PetSmart with Sato(my dog) to get some canned food for Arwen(my cat) since she’s been kind of sniffly. And I make my obligatory pass by the reptiles. All of the corn snakes are pressed up against the glass on top of each other. So I…

frickin’ awful.  I hate being trapped into those stories.  I feel like they’re a dime a dozen.

"I had a ball python once, *laughs*"

Well uh, they live like 30 years, what happened?  sighhhhh…….

If I had a dime for every fucking ignorant asshole I’ve come across.

Shit like “Have you ever let your snake play with your rat? HAHAHAHAHA!” Or people who think they are going to impress you by regurgitating stories of animal abuse. Someone found out I kept tarantulas and scorpions, so he tells me how he had a tarantula once and he would feed it live mice. People who tell me about how their friend has this fish or that, and it’s so big so he just drops live mice in for it to eat, and how “awesome” that is. I’m at the point now where I want to start saying “you know you sound like a serial killer, right?”

I just can’t win- either people say I’m crazy and if my pet snake/lizard/spider/rat came near them they’d KILL IT, or they start recanting horrible stories of abuse that they think are so totally badass

I think my reaction in future should just be…

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Some more landscape sketches, this time conceptual for one of my planets… Eturia.

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Some more landscape sketches, this time conceptual for one of my planets… Eturia.

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I don’t usually post this kind of thing but I’m kind of pushing to do so more often. I decided to do some simple environment studies, with a bit of a restrictive “canvas”. 

I’m pretty pleased with these for what they are. They aren’t terribly special or amazing, but I feel like I pulled off what I was going for in each of them, and I learned something doing them, which is really the whole point of it.

I’m especially pleased with the two vertical compositions, and the top right one as well. I may take those to a more completed stage at some time.

No reference was used for any of these, by the way, which is why they are a bit wonky in places. It was all from my head, and done kind of on a whim, which makes it that much better that I’m happy with them!

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Finished this up while waiting for my digital tutors account to be fixed. jacobin's Oxley, my Vahn, and zooque's Denby hanging out. I just wanted an excuse to draw Oxley c: Denby ended up in there because he's cute as all hell!

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Pencil/Cosmetic Bags Preorder & Giveaway!

Recently, Emily was sweet enough to help us figure out how to make small bags! We’ve ordered a starting batch to test the waters with selling them, so here are preorders! 

Bags are 5 x 8 inches, printed on durable 600d polyester fabric with a zipper enclosure, and smaller zippered pouch inside.

Preorders: $12, will be open for 2 weeks, and include a random free charm! After preorders, the charm will no longer be included, and prices may rise to $13-15 depending on demand.

Giveaway Rules: reblog up to 2 times. Two winners will be picked at random all rebloggers on August the 31st, at 9:00pm EST. Winners will given one bag of their choice (without charm).

I am painfully in love with those merbags!!!

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The tea dripped down from the table, still warm, and formed a pool around him. It became a short, grim trail, hinting at his resting place, once he was pulled toward the basement. No coals were lit, and the house was freezing cold. Weakened, laying dying, he wondered whether he would succumb to blood loss first, or if the cold would take him. He could hear the footsteps upstairs, heading towards the door. He would die alone, without comfort, and only he would mourn himself. 

As he stared at the ceiling, eyes barely focusing, the rage and despair built within him. As he died, as he rotted, as he was forgotten, he was born again. In his rebirth, he was bound. His contempt and fury his second mother, her womb incubating his desire for revenge.

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Decided to throw some ink and color one one of the sketches from the sheet of sketches of Il’lythid. I really liked this pose and wanted a color reference of him, so…. Sorry if his design is boring, but I really like these colors. Mildly NSFW for flaccid penis.