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pacificrimmovie makes a single tweet to a Facebook photo and I nearly throw my laptop.






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A little fairy dragon, to try out the new brush pen!

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Beep boop cleaned up that other sketch because this here girl is too damn cute.

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Working on some character design stuff for my portfolio… and I’m actually quite pleased with this one… A dryad girl~! 

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Psst, there are lots of people out there who are buying large psittacines (cockatoos, macaws, &c.) as first birds at ages anywhere between 12 and 17. Being a person who gets an influx of over 20 of those large birds every…

But really, I don’t think anyone should get a parrot if they don’t intend to treat it like a child.  They are essentially 3 year old children for their entire lives, and you should imagine structuring your life as such.  You wouldn’t leave your 3 year old child in a cage all day, would you? Of course not.  You’d at least hire a babysitter, right? I’m sure most people wouldn’t think of hiring a babysitter for their pet birds while they’re away at work or out with friends, but that’s the reality - that’s how much attention they need.  So if you work or go to school, a large parrot is DEFINITELY not for you.

Seriously. I don’t even have a large parrot- I have a cockateil. He’s 18 years old- I got him when I was 8. He’s a hand raised baby bred by a person with a passion for the birds. He’s a great little companion, and I love the hell out of him… but he’s a lot of responsibility. My parents cared for him primarily until I could start helping, and now he’s my responsibility. He’s free flying in my apartment, which means I have to clean up bird poop CONSTANTLY. If he’s not getting enough attention, he screams. If he doesn’t like the song I am listening to, he screams. If there are birds on the lawn… you guessed it, he screams. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. He also stays by my side when I’m ill (when I have a particularly bad period, he will sleep on my pillow while I’m in bed asleep). He sticks close to me. He whistles to me, asks for kisses, tells me he loves me, and says “goodnight” and “i’ll be back” when I put him in bed for the night.

But when I’m working outside of my home, I have to make sure to let him out for extra time so that he stays healthy, well exercised, and just as importantly, emotionally supported. When people are telling me about how they went to teach in Japan or Korea, or went on a month long excursion to South Africa, I think “I should save up and travel…” only to remember “oh wait, I can’t, because I have a parrot who is emotionally attached to me and if I left for any long period of time, it could do some seriously real damage to him emotionally and mentally”.

Parrots are wonderful, loyal, fun and intelligent companions. They’re amazing to have around and bring so much joy… but they are far too smart and emotionally aware for most people to handle, and they live far longer than many people’s interest in them last. Sounds bad, sure, but lets face it… not everyone is ready for the sheer workload that a pet parrot brings you…maybe for 20, 30, even 40 years of your life. You basically have to ask yourself “how many years do I think I could put up with caring for a child that never aged physically past 2 years, but had the emotional and mental complexities of a child far older”.

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Posemaniacs sketches, done as warmup. 

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Bonding time with Marceline.

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Some proper photos of Noodle (corn) and Marceline (mexican black king), now that they’ve settled in. They’re so cute, you guys! Very cute, clever, curious and sweet! Planning on switching out the newspaper for carefresh once the quarantine period is over… I just like being able to easily see any issues. Though, they do have little carefresh buckets for digging around in right now. :D 

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I have to share photos of my new corn snake. She’s a female creamsicle. She hasn’t got a name yet though my mom’s taken to calling her “kool-aid”. 

I also received a mexican black king snake, buuuut…. unfortunately she’s still really defensive and freaked out from the trip, and very hard to take photos of one handed, so I’m not gonna bother her anymore for now, give her (them both) a week to settle in. I’ve named the kingsnake Marceline! She is pure black…. simply GORGEOUS. I actually fell in love with MBKs a few years ago when I met a pair in the pet store that were dropped off by some ignorant fool who didn’t like how “aggressive” they were (kingsnakes have a high food response buddy…). I can’t wait till marcie grows up and gets that crazy king snake girth!